Export Customs Clearance

Export means taking goods outside of the Turkish customs zone or to the free zone in accordance with the export legislation and customs legislation in force or other exits and processes that will be considered as export by the under secretariat. The exporter means real persons who are members of exporter unions’ general secretariats and have identity numbers according to the goods they will export and legal entities resident in Turkey with tax numbers and partnerships that are authorized for legal transactions in terms of provisions of the legislation in force as well as not having a legal entity status. Export Process;

  • Providing control for export preparation stages within the frame of current legislations and completing existing deficiencies,
  • Performing foreign market research,
  • Performing efforts for finding foreign customers,
  • Fulfilling responsibilities necessary for sale and customer satisfaction,
  • Considering the international standards, drawing up agreements and attaching conditions by force of the agreements to these agreements,
  • Detecting financial risks in payment transactions and creating solutions,
  • Providing organizations of logistics and customs transactions with our solution partners,
  • Performing product export,

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